Bei lillywait bekommen Sie immer das volle Paket!

Denn unsere Module funktionieren wie ein Uhrwerk:

Ein Rädchen greift in das andere.

Folgende Module stehen Ihnen zur Verfügung:

Kita Info App
Send messages, chat or announce appointments – all no problem with our Kita-Info-App!

Both parents and employees can communicate easily and quickly in different groups.

And, of course, DSGVO-compliant.

Access control and time recording

Lists were yesterday! Thanks to access control and time recording, you always have an overview of which people are in the facility and how long they are staying.

And in real time! This makes recording working and childcare hours child’s play.

You can also define individual access rights for employees, children or suppliers.

Document templates and archive

Create care or work contracts with just one click!

Our software obtains the necessary information from the master data and copies it completely automatically into our ready-made document templates.

You can add to these individually at any time by creating your own templates.

In addition, you can archive all documents directly.

Compensation models and contract management

With Lillywait you bring light into the billing jungle! Easily create your own compensation models for your internal billing.

For external billing, we provide you with the appropriate compensation templates depending on your state.

This we maintain! Month after month! And if there are any changes in the cost sheets, we will also make all the adjustments for you.

Calendar and Todoooo

Appointments, vacations, vacation times – with our calendar you always have all important events in view. The different views also make it an indispensable planning tool for the entire kindergarten year.

At the same time, our calendar acts as a digital to-do list: Tasks can be created, prioritized differently and assigned to employees individually.

Afterwards, you can easily forward all information to parents and employees via our Kita-Info-App.

User administration and role management

Create different users and individual permissions in seconds. This way you decide which employee is allowed to see and edit which modules.

The highlight: This also makes it easy to manage multiple facilities!

Master data management for children and employees

Whether sick days, pick-up authorizations, incompatibilities or address data – with our master data management, you receive all important information on children and employees in seconds.

And because our master data management is networked with other modules, processes such as vacation planning, document creation or accounting become child’s play for you.


Personnel key calculation and planning

Record the current staffing ratio in your respective groups at any time.

Employees and children are juxtaposed in real time. This allows you to keep an eye on bottlenecks or overcrowding, even in the long term, and respond promptly with new staff or optimized contracts as needed.

Management of registrations via

Why complicate when it can be simple! Interested parents can register their child for a childcare place at your facility via

This registration is then automatically transmitted digitally to Lillywait.

The advantage: you no longer have to transfer the child’s data yourself, because it is already stored in the system. In addition, the staffing key calculation makes it much easier for you to plan potential admissions. Cancellations are also made in seconds with just one click..

Module functions

Would you like to learn more about the functions of our modules?

Then you get the most important information at a glance here!

Functions Kita Info App Access control and time recording Document templates and archive Compensation models and contract management

Calendar and to-do

Sending messages and notifications

(For parents and employees )


Own chat for groups and individuals

(For parents and employees )

Central calendar for all important events, vacations, closing times lillywait

Use across facilities possible

( Children or employees are enrolled or working in different facilities ).

Notifications optionally adjustable lillywait
High security through SSL encryption lillywait
DSGVO compliant use lillywait
RFID chip as a digital key lillywait

Access group management

( e.g. parents, employees and suppliers )


Schedule management

( Opening and closing times )


Fully automated time recording

( children, employees and suppliers )


Create document templates once

( employment contracts, care contracts, powers of attorney, handover protocols, etc. )

Documents already completed and ready to send at the touch of a button lillywait

Create documents in PDF format with additional functions

( form fields, checkboxes, combination and selection lists )


Create form letters and cover letters

( create up to 1.000 documents per click )

Exporting data in Excel format lillywait

Archive documents in the cloud

(contracts, proofs, certificates )


Alarm function for mandatory recurring archives

(Inquiry and proof of certificates of good conduct )

Automated print jobs with timed intervals lillywait
Printing documents via HP ePrint lillywait
Preset remunerations and cost sheets depending on the respective federal state lillywait
Create your own compensation tables for courses or additional meals lillywait

Manage your own activities and send them via the Kita-Info-App

( celebrations, vacations, closing days or training )


Planning own employee resources in special view

( illnesses, vacation days, school days )

Setting up tasks and distributing them to employees lillywait
Resubmission of tasks and control mechanism through reminders lillywait


Functions User administration and role management Master data management for children and employees Personnel key calculation and planning Management of registrations on
Management of users in the cloud lillywait
Distribution of individual roles and permissions lillywait
Management of multiple facilities lillywait
Registration of new users possible by mail lillywait
Change of user roles and permissions possible at any time lillywait

Easy recording of data relevant to the contract

( children and staff )

Management of sick, school or vacation days lillywait
Recording of obligatory vaccinations and health certificates lillywait
Management of care and parent groups lillywait
Power of attorney management lillywait
Presentation of the daily staffing ratio in comparison with the hours of care provided lillywait
Long-term planning of personnel and support contracts lillywait
Overview of current absences lillywait
Consideration of federal state-specific personnel key specifications lillywait
Central administration of daycare place registrations lillywait
Clear status of all applications lillywait
Cancellation of registrations by click lillywait
Incorporating enrollments into occupancy and staffing planning. lillywait
Provision of flyers and banners for parent communication lillywait

Simple registration process for parents

( No email logins and full email inboxes )