About us

Founder Bastian Schmidt, incidentally a car freak and musician by trade, was inspired by a friend who showed up on his doorstep one fine day in 2013 with the Berliner Zeitung; “Kindergarten places urgently needed” was the headline.

For the young father of two children (Finn and Lilly), the task was immediately clear: we will remedy the situation!

After that, everything went very quickly, because he and his team were knocking down open doors: Both with the property search, the funding agency, and the youth welfare office, they were surprisingly quick to succeed – and so they got an OK to a daycare center with 180 places, which opened in 2016.

After a few weeks of operation, the team experienced that a large part of the working time of the daycare center management was spent on administration. Contracts had to be individualized, Excel lists as long as a book had to be maintained, and daily schedules had to be changed and updated on a daily basis. Bastian Schmidt now tinkered with his own software solution for contracting, staff scheduling and group planning so that his team, and he himself, would finally have more time for the children again.

Later, time recording for personnel and professional access control were also integrated into the software.

The software had now been tested in practice, was reliable in performance and capable of withstanding loads, and it would be far too bad if it only served one KiTa!

In order to become “marketable”, everything was therefore reprogrammed in a professional manner from 2020 – 2021 and at the same time also designed in such a way that several kindergartens can be played at the same time.

By the way, the name “Lillywait” is also a story in itself:

From the time before the software, Bastian’s daughter Lilly just kept hearing “Lilly wait!” while he had to finish maintaining his lists. Everyone still remembered it so well that it became the name for the new software. “Lillywait (no longer!).